About Us

Welcome to Calmergé! I wanted to introduce myself and tell you how this all started. I am a 36 year old mother of two, wife, and nurse practitioner. When my son was in Pre-K, he had to bring snacks for the class assigned by his teacher on a paper calendar. The snacks could not contain nuts, but I worried about other food allergies. I also found myself routinely setting reminders for his snack day. After transitioning out of daycare, I missed getting daily updates from his teacher. I searched for a comprehensive app to solve all of these issues, and then I decided to create my own. After starting as a snack scheduling app and one name change, Calmergé has grown into so much more. 

Calmergé is a free scheduling app for teachers. It allows them to connect with parents and helps keep children safe through the voluntary sharing of allergies and health information!

Using Calmergé is simple. Teachers create an account and then invite parents to join with a unique access code. After registering, parents may share important health information with their child’s teacher such as food allergies, including severity and symptoms, or a new diagnosis of a communicable disease (e.g. head lice or influenza). 

With our patent pending feature, parents may share health information with the class anonymously, ensuring stigmatization or peer exclusion is minimized. Calmergé allows each parent to view a collective list of class allergies or current illnesses. The spread of contagious diseases may be lessened with real-time notification of potential exposures, allowing for early symptom monitoring.

Calmergé encourages increased and early communication between parents and teachers, fostering a sense of community within the class. Only teachers can view the voluntarily shared health information specific to each child. Parents are not required to provide any of their child’s medical history to take advantage of Calmergé’s other classroom features. 

Teachers can use Calmergé to:

  • Add important dates or events to the class calendar
  • Collaborate with parents to schedule class snacks
  • Provide daily activity reports to parents
  • Send messages, pictures, and videos to individual parents or the entire class
  • Create sign-up sheets (coming soon)
  • View a list of class allergies, including associated symptoms and severity
  • Receive real-time updates from parents regarding their child’s health. 

Parents can use Calmergé to:

  • Receive daily reports, important messages, and class announcements 
  • See what snacks their child will be eating for the month
  • Set reminders for their day to bring snacks
  • Sign up for class parties, field trips, or parent/teacher conferences (coming soon)
  • View important dates and school holidays on the class calendar
  • Combine their child’s schedule with their own calendar (coming soon)
  • Share important allergy and health information with their child’s teacher 
  • Anonymously notify other parents of a new communicable disease diagnosis to help control the spread
  • View a list of class allergies and know which foods to avoid sending to school.  

Calmergé was developed as a cross-platform app so parents and teachers may connect using either an Android or iPhone mobile device. In the coming months, some exciting new features will be added. Your feedback is welcome to improve your experience using Calmergé.